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    Tarot Reader: Jordan Langen

My passion in life has always been to help people, particularly by showing others how they can be of help to themselves. I envisioned myself becoming a teacher, but not in the traditional sense. After considering my skills and interests, I came to realize that I could teach using tarot as my medium. I read the tarot to help clients realize their own personal power, not to focus on the superficial aspects of their lives. I am a guide leading people on an illuminating journey through their subconscious minds to help them discover the magic within themselves. It is through self-discovery and by gaining new perspectives that we can tap into the unlimited potential of ourselves, the world and those around us.

To schedule an appointment with Jordan

you may reach her at:


Also available for parties/events! Contact for pricing.

Astrology Readings by Mark

Astrology is an ancient tool to assist in self-discovery and the timing of change and growth. My goal is to help you achieve insight into yourself and your current life situation so you can better make more informed decisions.

Natal Reading

The natal chart is a map of where the planets were at your time of birth. This interpretation provides a personal portrait of your tendencies, gifts, inner conflicts strengths and potentials. We discuss why you are here, what you are here to do, and how to best play it out. 1-Hour / $100

Transit Reading

In times of great uncertainty and change, a transit reading can be effectively used to gain perspective and better know how and when to move forward. Timing is important. Discover what “astrological weather patterns” are currently influencing your chart, and what cycles are coming up in the near future. We will look ahead over the next year or two. 1-Hour / $100

To schedule an

appointment with Mark:


Phone: 360.671.5858


$5 for 1 card

$15 for 3 cards

$30 for a 10-card spread

Jordan is usually at

The Stone Moon accepting

walk-in readings on

Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat,

from 11:30am-5:30pm

Appointments also available

Jordan also offers Wire Wrapping

Stop by

Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat  from


Prices start at

$7 per wrap! Bring in your favorite stone or choose one in the store!

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